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Standing out from the crowd was a real challenge.

COPAXONE has been treating MS patients for over 20 years, and key customers therefore felt they knew all they needed to know about it. The market was getting ever more crowded with new entrants and generic competition. Standing out from the crowd was a real challenge, which meant that sales and market share were starting to decline.

We knew patients needed a treatment that worked with their changing needs, no matter their ambition or life goals, such as staying in work and starting a family.

We created the ‘World at Their Feet’ campaign to revitalise the brand and remind HCPs that COPAXONE is ideally suited to the individual and unpredictable needs of these young patients. 

Delivered across digital, print and experiential media, the campaign was supported by implementation guides that trained local brand teams and sales representatives on best practice use.

The campaign, launched in early 2017, has been highly successful, exceeding forecasts and supporting first-line growth.

In an increasingly crowded market, this campaign has helped COPAXONE continue to grow. Lindsey Fernandes, Senior Brand Manager (Teva)
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