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Saga, the UK's specialist in products and services for people over 50, launches a new TV advert, that seeks to evoke fond memories of holidaying in the ‘70s. The latest film, by VCCP London, is designed to hero the Saga boutique cruise product, whilst reminding its audience of how holidays have changed (for the better!). 

The integrated campaign was devised by VCCP London, in partnership with VCCP Media, VCCP CX and Someone, and recalls wry memories of ‘nostalgic’ car journeys, ‘romantic’ town hall dances and ‘relaxing’ days by the pool … albeit sometimes in a rainstorm. The new 30” hero film, will broadcast on 3 January, 2022 and is the latest creative in Saga’s ‘Experience is Everything’ strategic brand relaunch which took place in October. The new creative will be accompanied by social, digital and print. 

The new creative features Saga brand ambassador, Nicholas Farrell (The Crown, Torchwood) once again, who wholeheartedly embodies the ‘Generation Experience’ attitude of the Saga brand. The classical and sharp creative is set on board Saga’s newest ocean cruise ship, ‘Spirit of Adventure,’ and showcases the incredible décor, food and entertainment that can be found on board. 

The film opens with Nicholas walking whilst taking a drink from the ship’s North Cape Bar, where he then stops to gaze outside and warmly reflect back in a savvy fashion (and with a couple of raised eyebrows) on those holidays of the past. The film then cuts to remade footage from the ‘70s of children swimming in the rain, grumpy kids begrudgingly posing for family photos, car breakdowns and holiday park tribute bands (we’ve all been there!). The film then returns to the Saga cruise ship where Farrell can be seen relaxing at a table with his wife, whilst tucking into some delicious canapés and soaking up the social atmosphere on board ‘Spirit of Adventure.’ “Well, those were the days…” he says before turning to his wife with a raised eyebrow, “weren’t they?”. The voiceover concludes “Boutique cruises for those who deserve a bit of luxury” with the final titles reading: ‘Saga. Experience is Everything.’       

Stuart Beamish, Saga Group Chief Customer Officer, said: “We launched our new ‘Experience is Everything’ campaign in October and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to travel. 

“Our customers know what they like because they’ve been there and done that, from backpacking student adventures, exotic honeymoons and holidays with a young family to modern day adventures.  To celebrate all their experiences, our ad reflects back wryly on those memorable 1970s breaks versus the luxury of our Saga boutique cruises today.”

Jim Thornton, Executive Creative Director VCCP London noted: “We had so much fun making this, recreating classic holiday scenes from the 1970s in all their miserable detail. It’s hard for anyone under 50 to appreciate just how different the world was: cars broke down, the corners of the UK were as exotic as holidays got, and the weather was always terrible. 

But for those of us who actually experienced the ‘70s, it's safe to say whilst we'll remember these holidays forever, we're also seriously glad to pack them away in our memory box. Holidays now are more on par with Saga’s brand-new luxury cruise ship, which is the perfect place to enjoy all the benefits the post-1970s world has to offer. Like great food, the internet, and staff who aren’t permanently on strike.”

For those of us who actually experienced the ‘70s, it's safe to say whilst we'll remember these holidays forever, we're also seriously glad to pack them away in our memory box. Jim Thornton, Executive Creative Director VCCP London
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