Quintessentially Travel website redesign

Quintessentially Travel, the a luxury travel agency and sister company to Quintessentially - the world’s leading members-only Lifestyle Management and Concierge Club - wanted a complete overhaul of the UX and design of their website and to increase enquiries and newsletter subscriptions.

Using Design Thinking principles and processes, we jumped at the task.

We ran a workshop with stakeholders, and their subject matter experts, exploring the business goals and customer needs for the types of people who would visit the website.

We mapped the current site, then found big and small ways to improve it.
Sketching on paper and talking our ideas through between the client and our UX, design and tech teams.
Creating prototypes to explain and test the best ideas.

We then captured all of the desired new and improved functionality for the website and prioritised each item with the client. Giving us a clear backlog and direction for the detailed design phase.

We then worked in 5 day design sprints - With our cross discipline teams, putting together high-fidelity visual designs to go into build.

The result

The experience uses rich full-bleed moving image, bold responsive type and layouts, with key brand elements coming to life through exquisite interaction design like never before.

The whole platform is now built from an atomic design UI Toolkit of components and modules that work seamlessly together in varying combinations. Allowing the site to be flexible and future-proofed to create anything from bespoke campaign landing pages to travel itineraries. Bringing the Quintessentially Travel website into a league of its own.

A website that combines beauty and usability, with users being able to navigate seamlessly via a natural language filter for those who know what they want or an inspiration filter for those who don't.
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