The Taste of Sport





This campaign is a great example of the global integration within our agency.

PowerBar is the embodiment of sports nutrition, developing the first energy bar in the market over 30 years ago. They offer one of the most diverse portfolios in sports nutrition today, and attract the most ambitious sportsmen.

But VCCP Berlin realised that the biggest growth potentials actually lay elsewhere, away from the competition with a target group that is driven by enjoyment. The challenge was to open the brand out to these people without losing their existing customers.

Although this new audience might have different drivers to be active, they all had one thing in common: they love sport.

The work shares all of the beautiful experiences in sport: joy, pain, pride, peace - all the different flavours of sport. Tasting sport means tasting life, and that’s how VCCP Berlin reached PowerBar’s new brand platform: 'The Taste of Sport'.

This campaign is a great example of our integration, with VCCP Berlin doing the creative and strategy, while VCCP Digital relaunched the entire PowerBar website, including the rollout of a new online shop. VCCP Media then stepped in to help with the media planning and booking.

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