Robot suspended from a rope with a bucket and sponge. Text reads: Co2

O2 takes on CO2 with ‘O2 vs CO2’





Our latest campaign for O2 saw the launch of their latest sustainability platform 'O2 vs CO2', which will drive all of their climate conscious initiatives. 

O2 is no stranger to proactively taking on climate change, being the only UK network provider to have pledged to be a Net Zero business by 2025. Our first campaign under the new platform will champion all the phenomenal work that O2 are doing to reduce their Carbon footprint, such as using 100% renewable energy sources to power everything from their masts to their stores. 

With the return of the iconic robot, 'Bubl', we will see the cute little climate conscious Robot rub the 'C' out of CO2 to demonstrate that being with O2 means to be with a cleaner mobile network provider. 

Tracey Herald, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at O2, said: “Most people don’t consider the environmental impact of using phones and the mobile network providers behind their phones have on a daily basis. From phone masts to stores, mobile networks consume a huge amount of electricity each year. In light of this, we at O2 are promoting the huge range of initiatives we have designed to reduce our carbon footprint including buying 100% renewable energy sources to power their network. O2 is the only network to receive the highest certification for Carbon reduction in our supply chain.’’

The campaign will appear across multiple channels including DOOH, Audio, Press, Social, and will include a PR campaign which are all designed to showcase how O2 are reducing carbon through sustainable initiatives.

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