Our first major design project with O2 set out to reimagine the relationship  O2 has with its customers via the My O2 service. From ethnographic research to design sprints, we put the customers at the heart of the new experience, re-engineering key journeys through self-service, upgrade and cross-sell. 

Human centred, customer oriented.

This human centred approach enabled us to develop behavioural personas that were essential in shaping out solution. We has to consider the 'Ease Seeker' who just wanted to dip in and check usage vs. the 'Information Seeker' who would carefully investigate any changes vs. the 'Premium Seeker' who was looking to be rewarded for their relationship with O2.


From ethnographic research to design sprints, we put the customer at the heart of the new experience.

Our personas combined with other insight formed the basis of a sprint based Design Thinking approach. Every two weeks we would tackle a new challenge - with lightning talks to provide us with key insights that turbo-charged concepting. ideas were then refined into prototypes that were tested not only by customers but those who interface directly with customers O2 gurus 

Insight from testing enabled us to update our prototypes into a new UI toolkit and fresh look and feel for both web and app experience. From optimised journeys through to micro-interactions, we reimagined the My O2 experience to help support, surprise and delight 02 customers across every touchpoint. 

We now operate a full-time, blended team model allowing O2 to scale our work together across BAU, small and large projects. We co-locate at O2's office in Slough and at VCCP HQ in Victoria. We have worked on a wide variety of experience design projects together and our relationship continues to go from strength to strength. 

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