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O2 launched its latest integrated campaign designed to show the nation how it can get the latest tech at great prices. To bring these new offerings to life, the tv advert shines a light on how O2 can help every one of us. We see a man watching the only thing that’s going on right now: deliveries. But with each delivery comes Bubl, the little blue robot, eager to move in with the lucky new owner. The TV ad features a fantastic soundtrack, produced by English producer and composer Wilma Archer and American Rapper Vritra, which is being released as a limited edition vinyl.

If being with O2 means you get a Bubl, now seemed like a good time to explore what it feels like when your little, blue flatmate arrives David Masterman, Creative Director at VCCP

With its third outing for Bubl, the campaign also focuses on continuing to build affinity with the ever-helpful robot. Taking to TikTok with a Branded Effect AR Lens, from next month O2 will allow users to bring Bubl into their home. Users will then be able to make their own secret handshake with Bubl, building consumer engagement and brand awareness with the new friendly face of O2.

Nina Bibby, CMO, O2 said: “Beginning the year in lockdown has been difficult and it’s impacted every part of our lives. We’ve felt this along with everyone else, which is why we’ve focused on how we can help customers get the most of technology”

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