This smart and innovative campaign ran online too and was an enormous success. So it’s fair to say that everyone involved well and truly cracked it.

In October this year O2 unveiled a DOOH poster written entirely in code. The campaign, ‘Coded’, which celebrated the launch of the new OnePlus 3, spoke to the code-literate audience and put their skills to the test. Those able to crack the code were able to get their hands on a brand new OnePlus 3 handset within minutes.

Hidden in the code were a location and a password. Individuals had to decipher the information and make their way to the secret location (cafés and O2 shops around Shoreditch) and enter the password into the handset. The first person to get it right each day was handed a brand new OnePlus 3 phone. The digital poster was updated with a new location and password each day so people had multiple chances of winning one of these coveted prizes.


The board was located on Shoreditch High Street and the campaign ran alongside social activation, with phones available to be won online as well.

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