Attention yoghurt lovers





What a Tasty Challenge...

Transform the Müller website into the number 1 elite dairy website in the world - envisioning a new future for the site by bringing brand values and experience design together, supercharging how they surface content and sponsorships, but also creating new purchase journeys from the main website into the relevant shop partners.

Building on brand insights from the advertising and comms work VCCP already does, we worked directly with Müller key stakeholders in a number of envisioning workshops and design sprints - which took place in the newly crowned "Müller Corner" (aka the back corner of the CX Lower Ground floor space) and subsequently via hangouts as we transitioned into the lockdown!

From this requirement gathering and insight we went on to explore and re-image the brand online. Developing interface and web page elements that made the experience uniquely Müller and celebrating the products and making it easy to find more.

From this we created a full UI toolkit and user journeys that evolved Müller's design language and established brand principles into something suitable for a progressive mobile first platform. Post completion of the re-design, we oversaw the website build with Müller's existing partner - phase 1 of which launched in October, with future phases, and a great roadmap planned. Watch this space!

Can you make design lickable?

It's a question we've been asking here at VCCP CX for a while, but it wasn't until we got to work with Müller, the nation's favourite dairy brand, that we could finally put that theory to the test. With their creamy, blissful and family favourite range of products, we wanted to celebrate Müllerliciousness across all aspects of the online experience. Product showcases, ease of discoverability and re-imagining of the brand online, allowed us to deliver an experience that felt uniquely Müller and celebrated all things Mmmmmmm. Just make sure you wipe down your screen after use ;)

~ Adnan Lalani, Head of Design, VCCP CX

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