Happy Dog Project





In order to increase customer awareness for MORE TH>N’s pet insurance and establish their commitment to responsible pet care, VCCP Kin and MORE TH>N have launched a social campaign, with the hopes of setting the nation’s dog tails wagging.

As part of the “Happy Dog Project” competition held earlier this year, whereby over 1,500 MORE TH>N customers shared their dog’s idea of a best-day-ever via social media, the top three lucky winners were selected to enjoy a doggy dream day come true.

The first film launched on Thursday the 26th of November, and featured two Border terriers named Duncan Pickles and Scrappy Nelson as they shared their dream doggy winter wonderland adventure. We watch as the scene is set with fake snow, igloo kennels and snowmen packet with healthy treats. Both dogs are then unleashed and in a burst of frenzied excitement, they race from their beds  into the wonderland before them.

The film can be watched on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the MORE TH>N website. Furthermore we can look forward to the second and third film being launched over the coming months.

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