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Based on the insight that 85% of people with cancer don’t want to be defined by the disease, Macmillan’s campaign explores what ordinary life looks like when you’re living with a diagnosis.

You don’t stop being a mum, a dad or a sister just because you have cancer.

Macmillan Cancer Support must drive awareness and affinity with an extremely broad audience, from those living with or affected by cancer through to people completely unaffected. 

With such a diverse audience the brand uses intensely emotive work in order to cut through. The campaign uses our most personal relationships to demonstrate how life continues, despite cancer, and the role Macmillan plays.
Indeed, this campaign was borne from the insight that while a cancer diagnosis affects every part of your life it doesn’t stop you from being you. 

The creative uses our most personal and familiar relationships to tell the story that you don’t stop being a mum, a dad or a sister just because you have cancer.

The work uses intimate every day moments and brutally honest scenes of people’s experiences of a cancer diagnosis to show how life with cancer is still life. 

Macmillan always feature, acting as the relief they provide, in order to show how the brand helps people continue to live their life.

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