LinkedIn’s International Women’s Day Campaign





We’ve launched our first campaign for LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network, for International Women's Day 2021 with creators, content and community at its heart

As the lead creative agency, we created this global campaign to publish advice, insights and inspirational stories to celebrate women's voices on and off the LinkedIn platform and encourage conversations that help and empower them. 

LinkedIn's data has shown that Covid-19 has disproportionately impacted women's careers.Women's jobs are more vulnerable than men's and women have been hired at a lower rate since the pandemic. Significantly, women around the world applied to 11% fewer jobs compared to men in 2020.  


This campaign leads with an emotive film showcasing inspirational real-life stories of seven women from around the world. The film, directed by social-conscious filmmaker Jessie Ayles, takes viewers across the world to meet real women telling us their emotive accounts of doubts, fears and vulnerabilities they have experienced during the pandemic.

The seven women featured tell their personal stories about who in their community gave them the confidence and support to get through the pandemic in order to highlight both the issue and the solution. The campaign also leans on influencers and the wider community to share their stories of women who have inspired them using #WeCanDoIt, as well as voices from male influencers on how to be a better ally for women in the workplace.

The aim is to engage our members’ on International Women’s Day with inspirational stories that encourage honest conversations about the pressures working women are under during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Senior Director of Brand & Communications, International, (EMEA, LATAM & APAC) at LinkedIn, Ngaire Moyes said: “Women have faced greater economic hardship through the Covid-19 pandemic, disproportionately losing jobs and income. Decades of progress in gender equality has been undone in a matter of months. This shift has impacted how our female members interact on the platform and we have seen countless examples of the LinkedIn community sharing their stories and supporting each other in whatever way they can.


#WeCanDoIt is a powerful campaign that has community at its heart, demonstrating the fact that women are not alone and raising awareness of the issue and showing that we can all make a difference. We’re proud to partner with LinkedIn to help empower women and celebrate their voices on International Women’s Day. Nicky Vita, Head of Planning, VCCP
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