Unravelling – psoriasis itch awareness


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Itching has a huge impact on the lives of psoriasis patients.

Constant itching affects concentration, mood and sleep – leaving patients feeling worn ragged. Most people tend to accept this as part of living with psoriasis. LEO Pharma wanted patients to reject the normality of itching and talk with their doctors.
We launched the Unravelling campaign where we talk directly to patients about itch psoriasis. Through 140 embroidered frames, taking over 480 hours to stitch, we created a stop-frame animation telling the story of a patient with constant itching. The more he scratches, the more his threads unravel and snap, becoming less of himself.

Film and static assets on Instagram and Facebook drove people to the LEO Pharma patient support website. Here, patients could find information on itching, as well as support materials to help them talk with their doctor.

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