Psoriasis Education Campaign


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In the UK, GPs only receive two weeks of Dermatology education during their training.
We identified that there was an educational gap in primary care in terms of recognising the symptoms of psoriasis, assessing disease severity and knowing when to refer to Dermatologists. Our brief from LEO Pharma was to drive first-line use of fixed dose combination products (FDCs) and develop an empowering educational campaign.
We knew that the campaign wouldn’t be effective if we made GPs feel like they weren’t doing their jobs. We had to ensure we were showing them the possibilities in a positive way and communicate that this would not add to their already high workloads.

The creative idea shows the exponential possibilities GPs can provide to their patients with only a small change in prescription behaviour.

The campaign includes a website featuring the campaign film, KOL and patient videos and a consultation tool to facilitate better conversations between HCPs and patients. 

The campaign is supported by online advertising to drive people to the site, press advertising and educational advertorials.

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