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Landsec MYO





Myo is the flexible office space service that sits as part of Landsec, the largest commercial property development and investment company in the UK.

VCCP were tasked to provide recommendations across user experience, design and development to improve the existing Myo website. Through the recommendations uncovering some big needs and requirements to help push the business forward - We were briefed to replatform myo.co.uk from wordpress to Drupal. On the foundation of this fresh new tech stack we updated the website with improved user journeys, interfaces, content and brand aesthetics.
VCCP provided Landsec with flexible modules and page templates helping future proof their website and enabling them to showcase their office spaces as their business grows. The final delivery was a HTML website designed using a new brand identity which was integrated onto Drupal by Landsec's internal development team.
Image showing Landsec page models and templates
During the project, VCCP were also briefed to provide website copy, image selections, additional page templates to support a blog. And also across in-office interfaces from wifi splash pages and the members portal, Nexadus. 
All of these workstreams were successfully managed and delivered while our team quickly adapted from office based to remote working due to the pandemic.
Landsec now boasts a new functional and design led website which encapsulates their new brand identity and tone of voice while showcasing the various Myo office locations, meeting room offerings and blog.
Have a look for yourself at www.myo.co.uk/
Image showing Landsec MYO on phone and tablet layout
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