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For Go Daddy, the world’s largest internet domain registration and web hosting company, and for many already a familiar name, the challenge was to expand from being known for domain registration, to a broader positioning where Go Daddy offered products and services that provide a helping hand over the long term.

Amidst fierce national and global competition, with some ahead on google search enquiry volume and outspending Go Daddy in above the line media, the objectives were clear: grow market share, acquire new customers and drive more traffic to the website. Brand and demand would have to work hand in hand.

Our research identified that our audience was defined by the short-term day to day challenges that small business owners find fulfilling. We, therefore, built the campaign around them. Rather than consigning the product messages to mid and bottom funnel campaigning, we integrated into the brand campaign specific additional service features and products as demonstrations of how the brand help SMEs face the day to day challenges.

With a suite of 10 sec ads acting as mid funnel boosters, social and online videos worked at mid funnel, and performance-based display banners filled the bottom of the funnel.

The result of combining brand and performance has proven spectacularly successful: driving a 25% increase in site traffic; 10% conversion rate; seeing the UK becoming their third most important market and leading to a more equitable balance between short and long-term thinking being found. 

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