More than a meal: launching Entyce globally




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A pet with a decreased appetite is a common reason for visiting the vet and is often the result of an underlying medical problem.

Though many vets do understand that eating well is critical to quality of life, recovery from illness and long-term management of chronic conditions, there are still many vets who don’t see treating appetite as a priority. To change this mindset and ensure that all vets recognise the benefits of addressing decreased appetite in dogs long-term.


We developed the Entyce ‘More than a meal’ campaign, showcasing all the benefits Entyce brings beyond appetite stimulation.

The core image shows a dog eating from his bowl. Eye-catching illustrations on the bowl tell the story of his treatment journey, fueled by Entyce, as we see him gradually returning to his normal, playful self.

The campaign is bright and optimistic, showing a dog that is strong and ready for the long-term treatment journey, thanks to Entyce.

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