Hundreds of Reasons – Global Tanovea brand campaign




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One in four dogs will be diagnosed with cancer – with lymphoma being one of the most common types of cancer seen by veterinarians.

Lymphoma is difficult to treat and, heartbreakingly, relapse is almost inevitable. So when first-line treatment fails and the cancer returns, veterinarians and pet owners are left with a tough choice – do they treat again? Tanovea, a novel treatment by Elanco, is perfectly suited to answer this question with a resounding ‘Yes’. 

Our big idea ‘Hundreds of Reasons’ captures the moment when pet owners and veterinary oncologists are given the confidence and support to treat again – surrounding them with hundreds and hundreds of balls. Each ball is a symbolic representation of the days ahead, bringing to life the many days of fun dog and owner can spend together, and the joyful possibilities that brings. 

The campaign has been rolled out across a number of different Elanco channels, including digital and print advertising, pet owner materials and an interactive Veeva sales aid. The campaign has gone live in the US with other markets soon to launch it.

‘Hundreds of reasons’ brings to life the renewed confidence Tanovea offers veterinary oncologists and pet owners when they need it most.

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