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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is common in cats and leads to ongoing, progressive weight loss. As cats lose more and more weight, their fun, frisky nature fades away, which is very hard for both vets and owners to watch. Nothing existed that allowed vets to effectively treat weight loss in cats with CKD and help them stay their quirky cat-selves for longer – until Elura.

In 2020, VCCP was tasked by Elanco to develop a launch strategy and campaign to establish Elura as an essential part of managing weight loss in cats with CKD. 

We wanted to communicate that Elura is so much more than an appetite stimulant and convey the higher order quality-of-life benefits that it offers. Our strategy was based on the insight that ‘cats with CKD can be friskier than expected’.

To help us capture the sassy nature of a cat who is feeling good, we commissioned renowned animal photographer Tim Flach. The campaign images convey the benefit of improved body condition and quality of life in a fun and eye-catching way.  

The ‘Feline Fabulous’ campaign has now been rolled out across a number of different channels, including digital and print advertising, pet owner materials and an interactive Veeva sales aid. The campaign has gone live in the US, with other markets planning to launch soon.

‘Feline Fabulous’ captures the feisty feline personality that all cat people know and love.

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