Walkers, Doritos and easyJet ‘Win a Holiday Every Hour!’





Today PepsiCo has brought together the nation’s biggest crisp and tortilla chip brands Walkers and Doritos, together with tour operator easyJet  holidays in a new campaign to celebrate the return of holiday getaways. Devised by UK agency of record, VCCP London, the playful campaign seeks to reignite the nation’s love for travel, by revealing the all too familiar quirks and behavioural changes holiday-makers indulge in only whilst abroad. The competition is one of the biggest multi-brand on-pack promotions for PepsiCo and will run across special holiday-themed packs of Walkers and Doritos. 

The ‘Only On Holiday’ campaign champions the funny things Brits of all ages are guilty of doing. Research conducted by PepsiCo has revealed that nearly all Brits (91%) have a ‘holiday alter-ego’ and change their habits to things they’d never usually do at home. The creative playfully brings out stereotypical holiday behaviours such as pinching hotel toiletries, indulging in the all-inclusive hotel buffet, being more adventurous and losing all inhibitions on the dancefloor. ‘Only On Holiday’ seeks to target a vast cross section of society, specifically personifying the self-expressive holiday antics of the Gen Z audience via Doritos and the light-hearted holiday playfulness that family audiences of Walkers can resonate with. 

The multi-million pound campaign launches with a 40” hero film and the comedic film opens with two friends in a car daydreaming about their next holiday as they’re stranded in a classically British downpour. One of the friends, who personifies the Walkers brand, wishfully moans ‘We really need a holiday’ as he tucks into his packet of Walkers crisps. He is instantly catapulted straight into holiday mode and we see the friends crash land onto deck chairs, with mocktails in hand. Enjoying their holiday sun, both can then be seen eyeing up the holiday buffet where they spy a couple of bags of Doritos. One bite of the famous Doritos tortilla chip by the other friend, who personifies the Doritos brand, transports the duo into an LED-lit kayak, and then the dance-floor at a beach party where we see the duo busting out some

experimental dance moves. The film draws to a close as TV personality, Alison Hammond, can be heard championing the strapline ‘Only On Holiday’ and delivering the impactful promotional message: ‘Win an easyJet holiday every hour with Walkers and Doritos.’ The playful creative concludes with a comical reprise moment when the stolen toiletries come spilling out of the friends' suitcases, much to their embarrassment. 

Fernando Kahane, Walkers Senior Marketing Director commented: “We are thrilled to be bringing together two of our biggest PepsiCo brands, with easyJet holidays. By giving Brits the chance to win a package holiday every hour, for 90 days, this is by far one of our biggest and most exciting on-pack promotions ever. Our hope is that the holiday campaign inspires wanderlust and spreads laughter with a light-hearted reminder of all the things we love doing with our family and friends - but only on holiday!” 

Richard Sherwood, Marketing Director, easyJet holidays adds: “We only launched our easyJet holidays business in 2019, so joining together with Walkers and Doritos on this fantastic partnership as travel re-opens, is a real milestone for us. After the last two years we know there is a pent up demand for travel and that 2022 is going to see the long awaited return of our much missed getaways . There is a unique sense of joy and freedom which only holidays are able to deliver, and it is so exciting to offer these opportunities to holiday-deprived Brits in conjunction with two of the biggest crisp brands in the country.”

Ross Neil, Deputy Executive Creative Director at VCCP London added: ‘Does anyone else need a holiday or is it just me? And I’m not talking about some camping staycation, I’m talking about a real holiday! I’m really excited to be launching this advert for this tri-branded spot to promote a brilliant offer for Walkers and Doritos customers. Never has the nation needed a holiday more than it does right now, so we wanted to celebrate that positive feeling of escaping the everyday. To do this, we're bringing to life the odd little things that Brits find themselves doing once they've been unleashed abroad. But trying to remember all our funny little holiday behaviours is like being asked ‘what did you have for dinner on the second Tuesday in January two years ago?’ - it’s been that long. We hope our campaign gets everyone in the mood for the most hotly anticipated summer yet.”

The ‘Only On Holiday’ campaign will also see a holiday-themed packaging makeover on the best selling products across both Walkers and Doritos ranges, as well as an on-pack promotion running until the 23rd May with lucky winners able to book their holiday up until 30th December 2022. The promotion will feature across approximately 100 million Walkers and Doritos core flavours and shoppers who buy the products can discover if they have won by entering the on-pack code online. 

The multi-million ‘Only On Holidays’ media campaign is live from today and is running until mid-April. Supporting the hero 40” TV creative, two 20” cut downs specifically heroing the Doritos brand for Gen Z and Walkers portfolio for families will also go live across TV and social. The campaign will be supported with a 360 investment into shopper, digital media, social media (TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, Twitter) and influencer activity. Media has been planned and executed by OMD and PR has been led by Splendid. 


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