Staying at home with Jimmy Bullard





The Official Food of not going to International Football Tournaments

Every four years football moves from the back pages to dominate the majority of column inches and newsfeeds alike. It becomes the sole topic of conversation around the watercooler and takes over screens up and down the countries. But just like pizza, we think the tournament is best enjoyed from the comfort of your sofa.

To reinforce this message, we teamed up with ex-footballer Jimmy Bullard who, despite a strong career, never played for England, thus making him a pro when it comes to staying at home for the big games. We created a series of films that ran episodically on social channels during the first few weeks of the tournament.

Each film showed a different element of Jimmy’s time spent at home during the tournament - from learning Russian (just in case) to showing off his, ahem, impressive trophy room. What’s more, we partnered with SportBible, whos extension of the Jimmy Bullard idea became their most-watched branded video content to-date.

"Who better to represent the true spirit of watching the football from the comfort of your own home, than with Jimmy Bullard, one of the best players to never play for England? What Jimmy lacks in national team caps he more than makes up for in his ability to deliver deadpan lines to camera, and laugh at himself in the process. Tony Holdway, Sales and Marketing Director, Domino’s Pizza Group
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