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This is the story of how one killer stat led to a change in direction that would result in a 10% YoY increase in sales and a chatbot named Dom Juan.
As one of the largest sales days in the Domino’s calendar,  Valentine’s Day is a critical time for the brand. We needed to stand out and boost sales. 

But we knew that Valentine’s Day would also be noisy. Brands promising that they could provide the perfect product, backdrop or tonic for your romantic evening. We vowed to be different. We would be modern. We would talk about real relationships. Real moments. Real people. Real stories. 

And then we found this. 

Valentine’s Day sees a 20% increase in usage on Tinder. 

Modern love wasn’t happy couples. Modern love was mobile. Modern love was swiping, ghosting and NSFW pics. Modern love was single. Modern love was Tinder. 

Enter the UK’s first ever branded Tinder chat bot; Dom Juan, the Pizza Casanova.

We launched Dom Juan on Tinder in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day and asked singles to match with him in order to start the conversation. Dom Juan was then able to feed users a selection of ‘cheesy’ or ‘doughmantic’ chat-up lines to try on their real matches, and hopefully find true love in the process.

We amplified the campaign with an integrated approach, including social, Spotify, influencers, CRM and PR. Dom Juan achieved over 2 million impressions on Tinder alone, and got people talking with national consumer press coverage, as well as becoming Campaign’s Ad of the Day.

Crucially, the campaign also drove sales yielding a 35x return on advertising spend and an increase of 10% from the previous year's sales. The campaign taught us that sometimes it makes more sense to go after the 'other' audience. Especially if you have the die-hard charm of a Casanova chat up bot on your side. 

Dom Juan is a great example of Domino's ability to eclipse the competition at the times when it really matters. We needed to stand out and we did that by creating a market first. We combined platform insight, canny creativity and undeniable cheesy charm to reach the people that mattered. Tony Holdway, Sales and Marketing Director (Domino's)
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