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This campaign sees the long-awaited reunion of Aleksandr, Sergei, Oleg and Ayana.

We've launched a new campaign for which shows the reunion of the nation’s favourite meerkat family, and the return of one of its most-loved characters, Oleg.

Oleg captured the heart of the nation as the youngest member of the meerkat family. We last saw him on screens in 2014, when Aleksandr and Sergei bid farewell to the youngster in Africa, with a re-appearance alongside Ayana in the Frozen campaign in 2016 and as BB8 in the Star Wars campaign in 2017.

The new spot sees the long-awaited reunion of the meerkat family as Oleg and Ayana seek out and reunite with Aleksandr and Sergei in San Francisco, the meerkats’ adoptive home while they work on ‘AutoSergei.’ The meerpups’ dramatic quest across the globe to find Aleksandr and Sergei, and their subsequent joyful experiences together as a family, demonstrate the power of spending time with loved ones, encouraging people to enjoy more moments together with’s rewards. 

Our Summer Rewards campaign marks the start of a new chapter for the meerkat family, as Aleksandr, Sergei, Oleg and Ayana reunite to embark on a new journey together. The new TV advert perfectly captures the joy from moments of togetherness, celebrated through our Meerkat Meals and Meerkat Movies rewards. Mark Vile, Chief Marketing Officer,
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