Family Road Trip reveals Macaulay Culkin as the latest star to feature alongside meerkat favourites Aleksandr and Sergei. The new Meerkat Movies spot brings on a new adventure as Macaulay joins the furry pair on a road trip across America.

Since our favourite meerkats arrived in Hollywood over a year ago, they’ve run over Arnie, rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, and Sergei has even wooed Nicole Kidman. But Hollywood is just the start of the adventure and Aleks and Sergei have itchy feet. And what better way to see the US of A than with a proper family road trip? The only problem is that they don’t have a family.

Aleksandr decides Macaulay Culkin would be the perfect fit to complete their family-friendly day out. As the meerkats peer out of the RV to find road-trip ready Macaulay eagerly waiting their arrival, unfortunately, our favourite child star has aged a little more than Aleksandr expected…

The meerkats are seen taking a less than impressed Macaulay to the fairground. Their adventure comes full circle with roller coasters, a bouncy castle, Ferris wheels, and the parent-like dab of a hanky when Macaulay enjoys an ice cream.

The family fun culminates in a trip to the cinema to watch Finding Dory as Aleksandr puts his 2 for 1 Meerkat Movies cinema ticket to good use.

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