The new year is just around the corner. There’ll be moments you’ve planned, and moments you’ll experience out of the blue. The anticipation of what’s to come is incredibly exciting. It’s a whole new year to fill, so give the gift of a story this winter.

In order to prepare you for all these wonderful new experiences, we see the launch of our latest campaign for Canon ‘Winter’. Each story, shot in slow motion at 100 frames per second on a Canon C700 camera, builds up the sense of anticipation. From a driveway basketball about to land in the hoop, or a snowball in motion to a baby tasting lemon for the first time.

This is a fully integrated campaign across print, online content, digital, social, PR, CRM and in-store/retail. The creative will run across EMEA and is a welcome contrast to the Christmas noise, encouraging you to look beyond the holidays and at what might happen in 2018.

Next year is coming. Be ready.

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