Triggered Birthday Campaign





From analysing product registration data we could see significant registration spikes 2 weeks before customer’s birthdays and 2 weeks after – suggesting people were either buying gifts for themselves around their birthday or receiving Canon products as a birthday gift.
So how could we get members of our base, on the verge of celebrating their birthdays to feel rewarded by Canon and stimulated to treat themselves with a discounted Canon product by offering a 10% discount across product lines.

Pre-Birthday Email

A big part of birthdays is getting excited for them.

So we sent out a pre-birthday email that gave people a glimpse of what we’d be treating them to (and hey, there’s nothing stopping them from pre-ordering so that an ACTUAL gift turns up on their big day with their code).

A simple GIF meant their Canon gift box could open up to reveal their surprise.

On-Birthday Email

On the big day we wished them a happy birthday, and unwrapped something they might have already had their eye on.

Again, a simple GIF allowed us to tear through some Canon gift wrapping, and reveal some of the great products they could buy for less.

Birthday Data-Capture Email

If we don’t know the date of a customer’s birthday (or they had entered 01/01/XXXX when they signed up), we sent them this.

We continued the use of our brand box, and had a gift trying to get out.

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