What’s your next first?





Filmed in the historic city of Istanbul, the campaign is designed to inspire customers to try a new experience for the first time, and to capture it on a Canon.

This summer marks one year since we helped reposition Canon under the 'Live for the story' platform. So to help deepen the connection with a younger generation of storytellers, we have launched ‘What’s your next first?’. The new campaign sees Canon challenge elite Parkour athletes, Storror, to cross from Europe into Asia by any means possible.

The Parkour athletes filmed the adventure themselves, free-running across a series of landmarks including Istanbul’s Galata Bridge, the domed rooftops near Süleymaniye, culminating with a leap onto the roof of a passenger ferry carrying them across the Bosphorus Strait, to the cargo seaport of Haydarpaşa on the Asian side of the city.

Using moving vehicles, trains and boats as stepping stones, Storror’s adrenaline fuelled adventure was filmed using a selection of Canon equipment, such as the award-winning EOS M50, EOS 5D Mark IV and a EOS C200 cinema camera.

Not only was this challenge a world-first, but it was also a remarkable feat of human endurance, skill and agility which aims to inspire others to try something new. 

Building on their successful Live For The Story brand proposition, the company hopes the adrenaline-fuelled video resonates with its customers, and encourages them to experience something new with a Canon camera.

Canon Europe’s fully integrated campaign will run across Europe from Monday 25th June in a variety of channels including: Print, Digital, Social, PR, VOD, CRM and In-store/retail.

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