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Canon, the leading global imaging brand, today launches a new campaign heroing their most intuitive camera technology, placing creativity and diverse content creation at its core. ‘Never Break Your Flow’ is the first campaign revealing the new platform and marks a major step change for Canon, showcasing how Canon's latest range of EOS R System mirrorless cameras will enable creators to seamlessly capture content without creative limitations.

Synonymous with producing camera equipment which is human-centred in its design, Canon’s new campaign has been inspired by the growing rise of talented and diverse creators who represent the future of the film and photography category.

Canon worked with agency of record, VCCP London and content studio Girl&Bear. The social-lead, pan-European campaign will debut with a 30” film set during a high energy streetball game. The new spot sees the Canon R System camera brought to life using fast paced and dynamic moves, allowing the audience to experience first hand how intuitive the camera system is. From dawn until dusk, the creator never breaks her flow as she pursues the perfect shot, of the perfect shot. Throughout the film, the iconic Canon redline can be seen following the creator as she weaves throughout shots, representing her connection to her subject, enabled by the R System. Throughout, the familiar Canon camera click can be heard, the creative heroes unique camera angles, allowing the creator to get into the perfect positions, to capture the perfect shot. The film draws to an end with a close up shot of a powerful slam dunk, captured on the Canon EOS R System camera. 

‘Never Break Your Flow’ challenges the conventions of the camera industry, not only heroing the product, but also shining a light on the creative mindset of the creator themselves and their process. The EOS R System is a seamless system that works intuitively with the user to capture dynamic content, and the new creative illustrates how Canon allows creators to stay completely in tune with their flow, subject and environment.

Designed to stand out from the generic black box look of the camera world, the iconic red line from the Canon’s signature L-Series lenses has been elevated as the key visual asset, and will be used across Canon’s main touchpoints including owned channels and social assets. The redline represents the seamless nature and flowstate of Canon’s R system, powered by technology and embedded in creativity and human understanding. 

A further extension of the new campaign will see Canon ambassadors produce a series of articles and longer form content sharing their flow process, alongside tips and advice on how to get the best out of the Canon EOS R System. This content will live on Canon’s owned channels, and key retailer sites and industry publications. 

Monty Verdi, Executive Creative Director at VCCP London added: "Canon's advanced 'R System' technology allows modern content creators to enter their flow state. That instinctive state of action where things move seamlessly, creator and camera shooting as one. In a bold move for the brand we've brought the iconic Canon red line to life for the first time ever to dramatise this flow state, and the connection between a creator and their subject."

The integrated campaign by Canon is live from today and will run for two months in the UK, France and Germany. ‘Never Break Your Flow’ will roll out across multiple formats including paid social, website, retail and CRM. Media has been planned and executed by Merkle. 

In a bold move for the brand we've brought the iconic Canon red line to life for the first time ever to dramatise this flow state, and the connection between a creator and their subject. Monty Verdi, Executive Creative Director at VCCP London
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