EOS-1D X Mk III Launch





The EOS-1D X is one of Canon’s flagship cameras used by the world’s best action photographers. Which made the launch of the new and improved mark III an important event for professional photographers at the start of 2020.

This was the first of Canon’s product launches where we ‘teased’ the launch, creating anticipation and intrigue. And given the nature of the camera, who better to sell it to professionals than other professionals so once the specs had been teased we focused on letting fans of the new camera tell our customers what was so great about it. Backed up by some beautiful content filmed in Tahiti, this was an exciting launch that was really well received by our customer base.

What if we could make the introduction to the EOS-1D X Mk III as cinematic as the footage it creates? 

We stepped away from our templated look-and-feel, going dark and allowing this new camera to step out of the shadows.

EOS-1D X Mk III Teaser Email

To tease our loyal fan base, and to keep them in the dark as much as possible, we simply showed one small corner of the upcoming camera.

EOS-1D X Mk III Announcement Email

When it was time to announce the EOS-1D X Mk III, we created a GIF which allowed it to step out of the shadows.

The asset slowly and cinematically moved forwards into the light, giving people the first glimpse.

EOS-1D X Mk III Endorsement Email

Before the camera hit the shelves, we allowed the pros a test run.

This email continued with the look-and-feel, and documented their reviews in a simple bite-size way.

EOS-1D X Mk III Sales Start Email

When the EOS-1D X Mk III  finally went on sale, we sent this simple, no-frills email to give people the head’s up.

We didn’t want to subtract from the excitement of the camera, so kept it to-the-point.

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