Precious Cargo





We wanted to let the public know that we have taken the utmost care to get them the products that they want.

Earlier this year we ran the world's first ever presale of a chocolate bar with Cadbury Twirl Orange. Even by last year's standards, the campaign exceeded all expectations and the 10,000 bars available were nabbed in minutes and #TwirlOrangePresale trended #1 in the UK and worldwide.

We know that Twirl Oranges were hard for fans to find last year, so we've created a film to let the public know that we’ve taken the utmost care in getting them back into shops so that everyone gets a chance at buying one this year. In the film, boxes of Twirl Orange are delivered to corner shops in an armored vehicle and every precaution is taken to ensure that this precious cargo arrives safely. Across the nation, shops that stock Twirl Orange will also have an 'Official Twirl Orange Retailer' sign in their windows to signal that they're in stock, just to make getting your hands on one that bit easier. 

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