Freddo Treasures in Space







Cadbury launches Freddo Treasures into Space!

Cadbury has unveiled a new campaign to celebrate the launch of its new Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Treasures, Space range.

The campaign, created by VCCP, features Freddo and his friends in a number of dramatic scenes set across the galaxy. Building on last year’s campaign, Cadbury hopes that ‘Freddo Treasures: The Space Series’ will spark parents’ and children’s imaginations to take their adventures into new dimensions. 

Each Freddo Treasures Space Series chest comes with Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons or Cadbury White Buttons alongside a space-themed toy or game and is 76cal per pack. 

Working on Freddo is always a joy as it’s impossible not to regress to the simple pleasures of childhood, and the Space Series is a brilliant next episode in the Freddo Treasures story. Jim Thornton, Deputy Executive Creative Director, VCCP
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