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With a vision to become the world’s number one fashion and beauty destination for 20 something’s globally, ASOS needed to tackle increasing competition and wake up a dormant audience.

Whilst they were making strides towards achieving their ambitious targets with over 13 million active users and continued YoY growth, increased competition from the likes of Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo had resulted in a slowdown in steady growth for ASOS.

The core challenge was to regain control and find new and engaging ways to create fame on the high street whilst staying true to ASOS’s digital roots. 

Working collaboratively with the ASOS in-house brand, creative and media teams we conducted extensive market, consumer and brand analysis that enabled us to develop a concentrated campaign idea that we knew would resonate.

We went about building brand recognition, consideration and engagement via a media first that saw our key insight around social and gaming deliver integrated marketing efficiencies and memorability across every corner of the campaign. 

We launched their first ever out-of-home campaign in partnership with Gen Z-er’s favourite, Snapchat, to target a fashion forward group that knew of ASOS but were shopping elsewhere.

We were bold enough to launch their unique ‘Go Play’ Snapcode as a teaser across high street OOH formats in the lead up to the brand launch itself. Engagement levels and volume of downloads far exceeded expectation as well as rivalled other active digital channels. 

This was followed by launch activity running on large format high impact sites in key urban and retail locations in order to build further brand fame as well as interaction.

The campaign results were astonishing, with consideration metrics moving up to 7 points, (higher than any other ASOS campaign), search volumes soared and category sales grew 135% year on year.

Defying retail gloom, the whole brand grew 23% year on year.

 ASOS was truly back in fashion.

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