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Walkers, Britain’s most loved crisps and creative agency of record, VCCP London have today launched a new brand campaign which heroes British farmers and the glorious roots of their much loved crisps, to demonstrate the love and care that goes into growing their potatoes to make their delicious crisps.

Showing farm to crisp packet, the campaign aims to celebrate the humble spud, and the British farmers that grow them. Walkers are sharing the love for the sustainably grown, 100% British potatoes which make their crisps so delicious, while giving a humorous nod to how they’re consumed.

The integrated campaign features a hero 30” TVC which depicts real Walkers potato farmers on a real Walkers farm showing how they care for their crops, soundtracked by Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s number one hit ‘The Power of Love’. The film then flips the script with a cheeky take on the provenance-based TV ad, contrasting the beautiful romanticised depiction of farming with the down to earth, idiosyncratic ways in which people love to devour their tasty crisps, making sure they get to every last crumb.

Marking a new creative direction for the brand, OOH and digital elements of the campaign juxtapose beautiful shots of Walkers farmers with the many locations and ways in which people snack on a bag of Walkers’ crisps, making reference to its famous #CrispIN or #CrispOUT brand platform.

This campaign is also supported by a playful radio spot which shares how much Walkers farmers love their sustainably grown, 100% British potatoes. They love them, like they really, love them. And it’s clear that the public love them too as we hear their crisp packets rustling and crumbs being polished off.

Walkers are working to show that there are many reasons to love Walkers and one of those is their commitment to British farmers and sustainable farming practices which in turn makes them the tastiest and best quality crisp around.

Rachael Smith, Senior Marketing Lead at Walkers said: “With taste the number one driver for snacking purchases, quality potatoes grown with love and care are crucial to delivering the great taste of Walkers crisps. With our latest campaign we wanted to showcase the partnership we have with our Walkers farmers to source our sustainably grown, 100% British potatoes to make Britain’s most loved crisps.”

Matt Lloyd, Creative Director at VCCP added: “We're a nation of Walkers crisp lovers. Whether we're squashing them into a sarnie or up-ending a pack in public, we just can't get enough of them. But nobody really thinks very much about the humble potato. Until now. Step forward Gavin, Margaret, Emily and Tim. Real, genuine Walkers farmers, putting their 100% British potatoes on a pedestal, raising them up like newborns, and demonstrating the care, love and devotion that goes into every packet of scoffed-in-seconds Salt u0026amp; Vinegar.”

The multichannel campaign will go live from today until 7th November across TV, Radio, DOOH and OOH, Social, Online and will also be supported by a PR campaign. 

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