Be Restless





Being familiar with the international UniCredit concept Real Life Banking, it should come as no surprise that it was again the people – and their needs – that we placed in the centre of our new campaign. The latest series of TV spots celebrate life as it happens – and IT HAPPENS – to everyone.

It certainly happens for a couple with five children. For a girl who wants to learn to sea dive – which she finally does. For a sculptor who in the ends destroys her entire work just to improve it. For a guy who – – – feel free to complete the sentence here, every finish is possible here. And that´s exactly the thing. 

"We basically became documentarians of people´s lives. We observed them and managed to create authentic portrayals of real lives. We showed UniCredit customers as they truly are.”

The world is full of people who always strive for more. That is why they need superior services, modern products and fair treatment.

It is exactly the various characteristics and every-day tricky situations that make people rely on their trustworthy bank for a support – every day, everywhere. 

People who are restless, always want more, take matters to your own hands, explore, try something new, dream – or better yet…

…fulfil those dreams change the world to the better.

The campaign draws on the internationally introduced concept delivering concrete answers and benefits to everything UniCredit´s customers face in their real life. The simple, intuitive, open-minded communication works due a clear brand promise: a long-term partnership for real life.

The two waves of our TV spots were directed by Ken Karpel and produced by Target, and were accompanied by banners on the most popular sites as well as by activities on social networks. 

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