A land devoted to cows







Our agency prepared for Hlinsko creamery a new campaign, in order to strengthen its image and differentiate it from the other brands. Tatra is a traditional brand coming from Vysočina; the fertile and agricultural region of Czech republic. An ideal climate and rich nature provides the best possible background for a cow breeding, which takes an undeniable part of the local tradition. 

The goal was to highlight the fact that milk tastes better when it comes from a happy cow and emphasize the natural origin of all Tatra products. Endless green pastures and the good care of local farmers, makes no wonders where all cows are heading. With a character of an honest, hard-working and straight-talking region, Tatra milk products promise you the high quality, natural sourcing and most of all good care of the animals. The humorous new spot launched the campaign on October 19th on TV, and subsequently with new the visuals are mootifully capturing the migration of cows for a better way of life in Vysočina.

Tatra has the first-class quality products and thanks to the excellent taste of their milk delivers also to the gastro segment used by professional chefs. 
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