Bring nature to the city

Bring Nature to the City – that´s what we´ve been told and that´s what we did.

Strongbow global brand direction is to improve our surroundings as well as our lives. And since it is a really cool goal, we took our role in it very seriously. We talked to many urban people to find out where they felt the best – no surprise that green areas scored the most. And this gave rise to a number of great ideas.

We showed people what Prague would look like if it consisted only from the most popular places. It would be supergreen. Nature would be e-ve-ry-whe-re.

And although we weren´t really able to make this wish come true entirely (which we still regret), we came pretty close:

We took PARKING spaces and turned them into PARKs. 

We helped to bring to life one of the largest and the most beautiful roofs in Prague. 

We brought light to a place where it has never been before. We grew a plant there. The very first one. We basically moved the sun!

We brought life to no longer needed – surprise surprise – ashtrays. We turned them into flower pots, we gave them a second chance, a new purpose. Smoking out, nature in!

We let people vote for where they wanted more green areas – we made the community participate. We love to see people living next to each other working on something side by side, something that cultivates their mutual environment.

The Bring Nature to the City movement gradually generated more and more places for people to be creative, have fun and live in. This whole thing was so amazing that it would soon result in Strongbow´s 68% increase in volume, 6% increase in market penetration, 12% increase in ad recall and 10% increase in message association.

In our latest campaign, Strongbow apples refreshed cities all over the country. We brought apple trees and cider parties to a number of places, inspiring the passersby to take real action, to deviate from their normal routines. We encourage them to chill – literarily. Guys dressed as trees were giving the passersby chilled Strongbow ciders, from which we created short spots that were directed by Jakub Zahradníček and produced by Gecko Production, with Michal Podhradský in charge of the costumes. Crazy, hilarious....and much needed activation.

On microsite (transl: nature to the city), people could give their vote to one of the Czech cities of over 5,000 inhabitants that should deserve more apple trees. Everyone could participate and lots and lots of people really took that chance. As a result if this, we invaded cities with apple trees.

Both campaigns can serve as great reminders that when a community works together towards what they believe is a truly noble goal, the outcome can have only the greatest impact – and taste refreshingly awesome!

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