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We couldn´t have come up with a better welcoming ticket to the billionaires´ club. When we created Henri, an icon was born.

When Sazka extended their game portfolio for Eurojackpot, a multinational European lottery, it meant a billion-high jackpot came to the Czech Republic for the very first time. Money so big that our creative team was put in front of a true challenge: How do we introduce the product to new potential customers? How can we make people imagine it, or better yet, aspire to it? 

We brought to life its embodiment. A billionaire named Henri who – and here is where we took the necessary twist from the expected – was so likable the Czechs fell in love with him instantly. We created a billionaire who  against all odds is a light-hearted, modest and frank person. You, as viewer, just want to be him. And that is the reason you join the lottery.

Henri the billionaire entirely captured the attention of the nation. With each of the TV spots visiting him in different moments of his entertainment, the viewer can step by step witness the simplicity of a billionaire's life – as opposed to the life of a millionaire who is, as the viewer already knows, very often a mere show-off. Henri walks the viewer through his honest daily routines, with the situations shown in a way that is not at all boastful – only simply beautiful. 

Why drink champagne on a plane when you can drink water – and pilot the plane instead? 

Why care about the horse power of your car when you can have an actual horse, riding it on the beach?

Every time Henri appears on TV, the Czechs rejoice. They love being invited to the billionaires' club over and over again. Hope you win on Friday! Join the club! Henri´s messages simply couldn´t work any better.  

Besides a number of TV executions, the campaign spread through radio and print ads, in OOH as well as at the POS. Henri´s unique, outstanding offer contributed to Sazka´s maintaining the position of the strongest brand on the market. Due to all TVC´s engagement being above the norm, the campaign ranked among TOP launch campaigns in the country. Sazka exceeded their planned sales by 40 %. 

It´s like we created an alter ego of the brand. Henri is so easy-going, full of energy and optimism.
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