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Our adverts are the same as the game itself – fun.

Šťastných 10 is a lottery game in which everyone can become a millionaire, using only 10 CZK. It is so little that each of us can feel like we have the victory within our grasp – and it was exactly this proximity and attainability of the victory that we translated to our TV spots and prints.  Such small sum of money naturally deserved to make it directly to the core of our concept. 

In order to create a visually interesting solution, we used the frequent occurrence of homonymy in the Czech language and the colloquial word for our currency (kačky) for – surprise surprise – little ducklings. 10 Czech crowns as 10 little golden ducklings that can bring you up to 2 million CZK. Simple, right? 

Any day is a good day for playing Štastných 10!

Since we needed to bring new players to the game and at the same time show regular players that this game was unique and fun, we animated the ducklings as cute and playful as possible.  Plus, the ducklings served as a great vehicle that demonstrated how close to winning you actually are – in the TVC, they are constantly running around the city, pulling a trolley with stocks of banknotes behind them, giving the money away. To the viewer, they send the perfect message: With the ducklings always on the move, who knows? Maybe you are going to get lucky soon...

Our ducklings got more and more adorable in each execution. The task of showing a close link between 10 CZK and 2,000,000 CZK was successfully accomplished.

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