Proud – the new generation lager







There’s no doubt that the Czechs are a beer nation and die-hard lager lovers. Yet, the beer landscape is changing, and with new generations and modern lifestyles come new taste preferences. Reacting to an increased demand for beers lighter in taste and alcohol content, Plzeňský Prazdroj launched Proud, a modern, new generation lager.

Jakub Marek, the marketing manager for premium beers at Plzeňský Prazdroj, comments on the new trend: "We're seeing a growing interest in lighter drinks, especially among young adults. They're looking for not just excellent taste but also experiences associated with consumption. They are also concerned with their image - how they look with a bottle in hand. Proud directly responds to these demands, reflecting the current lifestyle, which we've also mirrored in the campaign."

Our "Turn the Tide" campaign draws inspiration from Proud's ambigram logo, encouraging people to step out of their daily routines and embrace life's spontaneous moments.

Dejan Štajnberger, Executive Creative Director at VCCP, shares his vision: "Proud is set to challenge Czech beer culture. We created a distinctive brand world that resonates closely with the product and its logo, all while maintaining a refreshing and light-hearted tone that reflects the beer's character."

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