Hippie reloaded





There was a time when the telecommunications industry desperately needed a revolution. So we took it literarily and in our advertising, we reached for the 1960s´ hippie movement. Yeah, we became hippies ourselves in a way; we challenged category conventions and put emphasis on the much needed freedom, all in the context of the telecommunication possibilities. We brought a revolutionary amount of colour, play and creativity to our advertising. We helped to bring a plan with unlimited calls, texts and data for a truly revolutionary price to the Czech market.

With the increasing competition and decreasing distinctiveness in the asset area, it was more than important for the brand to remain in a strong and differentiated position, in other words, to bring a truly groundbreaking product.  When they launched their Monthly Plans FREE, it was the very first launch of such services in the Czech Republic. The amount of data included was unprecedented – and it deserved to be celebrated properly

Join the movement! Be free with Monthly Plans FREE!
Revolution is here!

The slogan didn´t cover only the telecommunications services. It meant a little revolution in our way of advertising, too. We fully used this chance to implement executions that were entirely and utterly playful and creative. The campaign became the most loved one internally and covered a number of activations, with the main spot reaching 285,769 views on YouTube.

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