It’s time to letgo!





Selling things on letgo is supereasy, just snap, post, chat and sell.

Who knew that an app selling stuff fast and easy could also:   

-make Number 1 in App Store and Google Play only two days after launch?

-have 1,5 million downloads in the first year?

-gain twice as many active users as the market leader?

-achieve 160 % in total of the brand´s business goal?       

Many of us are nostalgic about stuff – we definitely don´t want it to go to trash although we don´t need it anymore. With the letgo app, we can be sure each of our things finds its best use with someone who´s gonna love it just as much as we do. We used this for our creative concept. And of course we added fun. And more fun. 

Letgo allows users to buy and sell second-hand stuff locally, using just 4 simple steps. They take a picture of the thing they wanna sell, post it, chat up the person interested, and in the end make the sale – sale to someone who is all ready to make a deal, utilizing the most innovative way of communication. Someone who is all ready to contribute to sustaining the world, protecting the environment by RE-USING.

"Without the letgo app, selling stuff is hard, it takes a lot of time and effort. But this is different. Re-using is good, right? Plus, everything gets done literarily under your nose!" Žaneta, a contented user

The geolocation feature of the app enables you to sell and buy from the people next to you, and we really mean next to you, so the proximity definitely plays in your favour. And the results? A 30% YOY increase in peak sales, a 22% increase in brand consideration and 9 millions of views on social networks, with 100,000 engagements.

In the autumn of 2018, we enriched the campaign by emphasizing the ability to buy and sell cars fast and easy. And if we speak about losing time and effort when buying a couch or a table, let´s not even start about cars. Plus, second-hand car dealers always have only a limited number of cars to offer – – –

At the time of launching the campaign, there were more than 40,000 cars in the database. Supported by the easy use of chat, the communication between the buyer and the seller became a matter of moments. So if you take into account time as the most precious commodity and all the listed features of the app... see why for us, creating the two new TV spots for our autumn campaign was the biggest pleasure. Directed by Jan Švejkar and produced by Stink, spots are to be enjoyed with the voiceover of Zbyšek Horák, one of the protagonists of the Czech version of Top Gear. By the way, two thirds of the incremental installs happened within 5 minutes after their airing.

The campaign ran in the Czech Republic and some other countries in Central Europe and the Balkans, including shorter online spots as well as radio. It should come as no surprise that it scored high both in Effie and ADC.

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