Either you’re a king or you’re not





We didn´t want to make it complicated. Beer isn´t complicated. We just wanted to show the beer as a part of an ordinary guy´s life. A good part of an ordinary guy´s life.

Tradition, unique brewing techniques, quality ingredients. Those are usually the key elements through which a beer brand launches their campaign. With Krušovice, we took a whole new approach.

We decided to deliver one single face. A face that can represent beer as simple as it is for the Czechs – as a true value for the men that enhances their ordinary every day.

Our “ordinary guy” soon became a sensation on TV. In the campaign, we presented him as a true king of every day – and in the eyes of the viewers, he quickly became one on his own.

He got so popular that the Krušovice communication was soon considered the most distinctive among beer ads and was awarded by Art Directors Club and Effie.

For the purposes of the TV spots, we dramatized the fact that a true king always stays cool and stands his ground. He never steps down. Even though he gets beaten up, he never gives up his beer. He resists a charm of an attractive actress for the beer. ´Cause the beer is a value and the king has priorities which he follows without an exception.

Our integrated campaign featured OOH and POS formats including an internal campaign, with unique copies customized for every single format. In this campaign, we celebrated the kings of every day. We celebrated us.

“What would you trade for the beer, honey bear?”

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