Running for Dáša with Konto Bariéry


Konto Bariery





Every year the Konto Bariéry foundation holds a charity run to raise funds for one of their clients. This year, the Run & Help event aims to raise funds for a bionic leg for 17-year-old Dáša and as part of our ongoing pro-bono cooperation with Konto Bariéry, we created a campaign to support the cause.


Because the funds are raised through a registration fee, the goal was to reach out to a wide audience beyond just athletes and recreational runners. So we borrowed a phrase we all use on a daily basis - because athletes or not, we all keep running. Running errands, doing a grocery run, running into a stone wall or just running around in circles, we're all runners, and we all can help. 

Our thanks go to Armada films and director Adam Martinec for their cooperation on this project.

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