Pianos to schools







There is plenty of talent among the children in the Czech Republic, but not enough quality instruments for them to practice on and become the best they can be. That's why the Karel Komarek Family Foundation launched the Pianos for schools fundraising initiative, with the hope of collecting enough money to equip 45 arts schools with brand new pianos by Petrof, a traditional Czech brand. We were invited to create a campaign to help the fundraiser achieve its original goal of almost 10 million Czech Crowns, and since we're all about challenges, we jumped right on board. The creative idea demonstrates the lack of space to fully realize the children's potential, as many of them practice on instruments with the average age of 49 years.

"As part of KKCG group, we're building on our long term cooperation with VCCP, so we were happy to work together again and were impressed not only by the creative solution, but also by the enthusiasm and drive they brought to the project." Luboš Veselý, KKFF Director
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