Beyond the limits with Hyundai Kona Electric





For our new client Hyundai, we prepared an accurate campaign to promote Hyundai Kona Electric; the first electric car all made in Czech republic.
The main idea of the campaign is to underline the fact that this electric car takes you through the whole Czech republic, with a single charge. Limited „Czech edition“ is even coming up with better batteries and very enticingly equipped.
This electric miracle is powered by a 64.0-kWh battery pack (big enough to match the distance you can travel in your regular car, with a full tank, or fuel) and with range of 484 km on a one charge, will certainly take the Czech customer beyond the limits of electromobility.

The gimmick is, we applied the campaign to the local countryside and destinations with a foreign names, as Czech Switzerland, Czech Canada, Czech Siberia, or a local stone-pit America, where together alongside this electric elegance, they look incredibly well.

Even though Hyundai Kona electric is not the first model in general, it's the very first model manufactured all locally, in Czech republic, which is considered to be its biggest pride and benefit.
Pre-sale has already started, so who wants to be mobile, but also „green & local“ you have your chance now!

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