Frisco – men invited, too!







Frisco has always been a predominantly women’s drink, associated mainly with girls’ nights out. But we’ve learned men like it too, so the brand launched two new variants to offer a wider range of flavors and please all tastes. Žaneta Kratochvílová, Brand Manager of Frisco, explains: “The new producs stand out from the rest with their freshness and light taste, and we believe they will attract a wider audience this time.”

Communicating the new proposition while staying true to the brand's unique positioning was the main challenge of this campaign. As Frisco has always led with spontaneity and lighthearted humor, we leveraged them this time to invite men to try Frisco for the first time on TV and continue the brand’s narrative at the same time. In three mini stories we show that Frisco is the perfect drink to enjoy together, when the occassion arises.

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