We won’t give in!


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In a world where men undergo depilations and drink sweet cocktails...

In a world where they learned to iron clothes and eat low-fat yoghurts...

...it was time for an action.

And Fernet took it without a single hesitation. In their highly popular campaign, the brand encouraged men to keep their masculinity and not to succumb to modern trends. Fernet enabled men to state once and for all: We won’t give in!

The central idea revolves around men´s need of doing something utterly manly from time to time. In the TVC, by proposing a toast to traditional masculinity, the men challenge themselves to deliver on this promise. All based on the assumption that “men like it bitter”.

Our We won´t give in campaign was a great success – as proven by a silver Effie award – that the follow-up simply had no other option but to expand on the idea of “manliness”. If you are a man, you can do it – just stay rough and ready.

“We knew there was lots of potential to take this topic further. That´s why in the second wave of the campaign, we responded with the same energy and emotion. Men like it bitter, no sugar-coning. And they loved to see this openly stated on TV.”

Alongside with TV and print, the campaign was given an on-line, on-trade and off-trade support. And the brand´s bold strategy strengthened its masculine positioning on the market.

For an agency, it is always so great to see that your advert truly “made it”. How can we tell? People are actually using our claim as a catch phrase!

We won’t give in!
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