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After successful campaigns for Aktualne.cz and Hospodarky we took care of another piece from the Economia editorial, Ekonom weekly. Campaign launched on October 1st started a new era, with deeper content and a brand new coverage for the weekly. Ekonom went through minimalistic but significant rebranding, which supports the claim „We go in-depth so that you can aim higher“ backing off with animations, which will be seen in various media formats. The new visual identity and it's supporting communication are intended to make the periodical more attractive to the target audience, which consists mostly of company owners and entrepreneurs, as well as all employees in managerial positions.

The whole campaign comes from the logotype of Ekonom, to highlight the fact it has everything you need to know for your business.

Ekonom is Czech economy and business oriented weekly, firstly published in October 1991. In last 10-15 years its content and form barely changed and it was impossible to acquire new subscribers, while free sales were also stagnant. The goal of the campaign was to reach the younger audience, rejuvenate the brand and bring back the interest of this target group. In the core Ekonom will remain the same, an economical weekly concentrated on business world, events and practical information, however, the new form will bring the topics, in deeper form, not only from a Czech republic, but business worldwide. New sections will be oriented on company management, ideas, advice on how to succeed and identify the right business opportunities. It will also inform about legislative news, and market changes with a great bonus digitalization, in its own digital environment.

Nowadays, especially during the pandemic, it is not an easy task to find a course and keep the business going. Ekonom is here to guide you and provide you with practical information, which brings you to better business solutions and opportunities.
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