With good energy, you can do more







E.ON came to us with the exciting challenge of evolving their brand communication to encompass a wider range of topics, solidifying their status as a top category player. The new campaign built around the slogan "With good energy, you can do more," a playful reimagining of E.ON's brand message, is the first result of our new cooperation.

VCCP's concept won us over with its wit, simplicity, and adaptability across different channels to meet our brand's evolving needs. Simona Bláhová, Head of ATL & Campaigns at E.ON

For the first phase of the campaign, we're zeroing in on E.ON's core brand attributes and introducing timely price reductions as heating season approaches. The new creative will feature across multiple platforms and underscore E.ON's stability, affordability, reliability, and sustainability.

"Watt a joy to work with playful concepts. The energy sector offers a diverse range of communication styles—from corporate and tactical to almost whimsical. We believe we've found a unique, entertaining angle for E.ON." Marek Farkaš, Creative Director at VCCP

To bring our vision to life, we've teamed up with production company Cinq and the directorial duo Wolfberg, as well as Slovenian photographer Ursa Premik.

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