Unexpected Traditions – the surprising charms of the Czech Republic







A campaign about traditions, but fresh and surprising - that was, in short, our brief from CzechTourism for a campaign promoting the Czech Republic as a unique tourist destination, with the goal of reviving the country’s tourism to pre-pandemic levels. No cliches, no photos of Charles bridge at magic hour - the challenge was to defy expectations, breathe new life into traditional travel narratives and showcase the country's rich cultural heritage in a fresh and unexpected way.

We recognize that traditions are often regarded as a hallmark of a remarkable travel experience. But at the same time, they can be seen as a bit boring. Daniel Brachtl, Marketing Manager at CzechTourism

We disregarded the expected, million-times-seen images and instead highlighted how unique traditions in the country’s 14 regions shape their contemporary identity. In each of the regions, we shine a spotlight on their lesser-known tourist attractions and showcase the unexpected gems that lie within, from historical landmarks, to modern architecture, natural wonders, local flavors and more. “Unexpected traditions” is a long-term platform to be developed further in the future, creating a lasting impression of a country brimming with traditions that never fail to surprise.

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